BRAKES OFF The Back Story

Have you ever had that ‘sink or swim’ feeling? When you feel the weight of the world beating at your door and you have to choose between two directions. The one that’s effortless and predictable, or the one that’s less travelled and unknown but may just be the one that takes you to a higher place?

Decisions. Deeecisions.

To sink is easy. Releasing all control to the world and water around you, letting go of your inhibitions, relaxing your body and releasing your breath until you slowly start to melt into the water beneath you. To surrender and give up any effort. You can take comfort knowing the road ahead and where you’ll end up. To swim takes effort. The patience to learn, the courage to get in the water, the commitment and persistence to propel yourself forward, and the belief that you’ll eventually arrive at your destination (or at least some form of land). Wind and waves will challenge you but they also present you with the opportunity to change course. Whichever way you go, you know you’ll arrive stronger. Life is full of adversity, it’ll shit on you at a moments notice and have no remorse. So do you choose to sink or swim? Is it that easy to decide? No. Sometimes one of the toughest decisions you’ll make and the choice won’t come knocking just the once. I had this feeling after losing my father suddenly and now being one of many businesses (and humans) that find themselves thrust into a global pandemic. As seductive as sinking can be, this time I chose to swim. To take a breath. To release the fear. To trust my direction. To propel forward. To take the BRAKES OFF.

Jodie Calder, Founder and Designer